About Us

Newington Road in South Africa

Who We Are
Newington Road was established by like-minded professionals in search of providing well researched and uniquely creative solutions for companies and individuals leading large complex projects. All our partners have backgrounds in either finance and/or engineering, and together we attempt to break down problems into principles that can drive consistent outcomes. We are passionate about bridging the information gap that persists between different stakeholders on multi-beneficiary projects.
what we do
We apply a deep-thinking, open minded analysis of projects and transactions that we hope will add value to our clients’ strategy and implementation models.
We attempt to use our resources and relationships to create a simplified blueprint that allows our clients to successfully navigate through an otherwise challenging environment.
what we offer
Our primary offering is company or project specific consultancy services. Companies often choose to engage with us for long term consultancy services where we offer advice on an ongoing basis specifically focusing on strategic guidance. We will break down projects and problems into first principles, try to apply quantitative and qualitative modelling to specific projects and from the data, and in consultation with the client, advise on implementation.

We continue to guide the client through the execution phase, adjusting variables to new information. Clients alternatively prefer to engage with us on certain projects where there are complex challenges specifically surrounding the disparity of expectations between the public and private sectors.